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Our people

When Perspecta was formed, we envisioned a company unlike any other. A company with employees that would raise the bar in everything they did. Our purpose is simple: we strengthen our nation and improve the lives of its citizens by solving the most demanding national security and information-related challenges through unparalleled expertise, innovation and commitment. This describes both how we work and what we do.

Our purpose and values are unique to the people we hire and the work that we do. Perspecta employees bring these values with them to work every day and define our culture.

Our values

Continuously evaluating and responding to the pulse of our workforce is a critical part of our success. Through our annual RAISE Your Voice engagement survey, every employee has the opportunity to be heard. This yearly contribution provides insight into the sentiments and expectations of our collective team and helps shape the development of our annual goals and key management focus areas.

Our team rallies behind a set of unified values that define who we are. They are the foundation of our success. We RAISE the bar in everything we do.

  • Respect: we treat each other with respect
  • Accountability: we are accountable for our actions
  • Integrity: we demonstrate integrity in everything we do
  • Success: we bring our customers success through mission focus, commitment and innovation
  • Empowerment: we are empowered to drive results

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Building an inclusive workplace is vital to upholding our values of respect, accountability, integrity, success and empowerment. Our commitment to incorporating equal opportunity and diversity and inclusion principles into everything we do is reflected in our core processes. At Perspecta, we’re working to provide an environment where our people can grow professionally and feel comfortable being themselves.

Perspecta continues to evolve our diversity, equity and inclusion action plans, and has established a Diversity Council Executive Steering Committee and sub-committees led by employees and leaders who are committed to making a positive impact on the organization. 

Human rights and labor standards

Perspecta has a long-standing commitment to uphold and respect human rights for all people. Our policies, practices and values demonstrate a dedication to maintaining a strong culture with deep respect for individuals and human rights. We are committed to treating all stakeholders—employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which we operate—with dignity, respect and equality. And, we partner with our stakeholders to help them to do the same. For more details and to review Perspecta's human rights statement, click here.

Perspecta’s Human Rights Statement, in conjunction with our core values, corporate policies, Code of Conduct and Ethics and Suppliers Code of Conduct, reflect our belief and reinforce our commitment that all humans have the inherent right to work in an environment free from abuse, mistreatment, discrimination and harassment.  

We do not allow child or forced labor, and we strive to ensure that our vendors and suppliers follow these same standards. We also follow all applicable local labor laws and wage and hour laws, including minimum wages, overtime and maximum hour rules.

Workforce development

We work together to creatively solve our customers' most complex problems. At Perspecta, you get the infrastructure and opportunities of a large company with the culture of a tight knit family. When you join our team, you will find an inspiring community with a relentless drive and a leadership team that offers you the resources you need. Our careers site highlights the many ways we develop our people to deliver on the mission and prepare for the future.

Board diversity

In addition to efforts focused on our workforce, our board is committed to diverse representation at the board level. Our board members are seasoned and proven executives purposely chosen to consider those opportunities and outcomes that best benefit our customers, our employees and our investors. 

The board’s nominating / corporate governance committee is responsible for reviewing and assessing the appropriate skills, experience and background sought for board members in the context of our business and then-current membership on the board. A variety of factors are considered including independence, experience, age, gender and ethnic diversity. Of our ten directors, four are women, three are veterans and two identify as diverse from a race and ethnicity perspective. We believe the composition of our board creates a balanced team who continues to position our company for success—building a great place to work and a company we can all be proud of.