Supplier responsibility

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Supplier responsibility

At Perspecta, we value our supply base. Our technology and subcontractor partners and providers are critical to our ability to deliver services to our diverse customer set. We are fully committed to working with conscientious suppliers who adhere to and share our business standards and values, so that—together—we can deliver on the critical missions of our customers in an ethical and socially responsible way.

In accord with our purchasing policies and practices, we expect our suppliers to conduct their business with integrity and remain compliant with all federal, state and local rules, laws and regulations where we operate. This includes adhering to all applicable laws related to human rights and trafficking, maintaining environmental sustainability programs and establishing training and programs related to ethics, anti-trust and compliance. 

Supplier code of conduct

Our philosophy is to work closely with our suppliers to not only better serve our customers, but to also be the best stewards possible of the places in which we live and work. For more details and to review our complete supplier code of conduct, click here.

Supplier portal

The supplier portal is an information source for Perspecta suppliers and business partners. The portal provides important information about doing business with Perspecta and its affiliates, as well as Perspecta points of contact. 

Combating forced labor and human trafficking in our supply chain 

Perspecta strictly prohibits any form of human trafficking activity or use of forced labor by our employees, subcontractors or agents. For programs with substantial performance outside of the United States, we have in place a program-specific compliance plan tailored to the nature and scope of the activities to be performed. The plan includes training that discloses unacceptable activity and communication that outlines methods available to employees, subcontractors or agents to report a potential or actual human trafficking violation.  

Conflict minerals report and policy 

Perspecta is committed to the goal of preventing armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries from benefiting from the sourcing of “conflict minerals” from that region. Our Responsible Minerals Sourcing Policy articulates our efforts to further this goal, and our expectations of our suppliers.

Please consult our investor relations site for our most recent Conflict Minerals Report on Form SD.