Perspecta, Million Veteran Program partner to fight COVID-19

The Department of Veteran Affair’s (VA) Million Veteran Program (MVP) has recently leaned in to support the global health community as they work to better understand how to treat and prevent COVID-19.

Leveraging Perspecta’s software as a service (SaaS) recruitment, enrollment, engagement and feedback (REEF) solution, MVP has launched a COVID-19 survey that provides veterans with an opportunity to provide information regarding their experience with COVID-19, including how the pandemic is affecting their physical and mental health.

To date, more than 23,000 veterans have completed the online MVP COVID-19 survey. “MVP has already resulted in a number of important scientific publications that increase our knowledge of conditions that affect veteran health, and we expect this resource to continue to prove its value over the coming years,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “VA is excited to announce the launch of MVP Online, which will make it even easier for veterans nationwide to take part in this landmark research effort.”

MVP is a national, voluntary VA-funded research effort aiming to study how genes affect health by building one of the world's largest medical databases. Perspecta’s multi-platform SaaS solution provides prospective and active users with an easy to use web and mobile-friendly interface that encourages two-way communication, enrollment activity monitoring, post-enrollment communication, involvement in future studies and long-term data collection. Thanks to the more than 825,000 veterans that have joined the MVP since the program started in 2011, researchers are making important discoveries on a wide range of diseases and conditions that affect veterans.

To support the VA’s goal of reaching one million participants, Perspecta implemented the REEF solution on a new public-facing website in October 2019 to aid in the recruitment and enrollment of veterans into the program. Officially known as MVP Online, the online application was built by Perspecta on Clinical6, PRA’s SaaS mobile clinical trial platform for patient enrollment, engagement and data collection. MVP Online enables veterans to find additional information about the program, science of MVP, read testimonials, enroll and electronically consent into the program and complete surveys. MVP Online generally replaces the existing paper process through a single website and will allow the VA to better engage, recruit and increase retention of participants into the program. To date, more than 155,000 users have visited MVP Online.