Perspecta partners with County of San Diego to develop a robust innovation program 

Over the last several years, Perspecta has partnered closely with its County of San Diego (CoSD) customer to develop a new innovation program for the county, leading to the establishment of the county’s innovation review board (IRB). The IRB helps recognize ideas, evaluate their viability and refine them to drive measurable business improvements. 

Perspecta helped CoSD’s chief information officer (CIO) implement an ideation evaluation model to quantify candidates for funding a proof of concept. As proofs of concepts move forward and become projects, and as those projects produce new solutions, Perspecta is building a data architecture that analyzes the links between applications, business capabilities, IT strategies and business strategies—with traceability back to the original ideas and innovations. 

Perspecta’s ideation evaluation model aligns to CoSD’s five-year strategic IT plan and gives the IRB a portfolio view of investments. The IRB can now review their investments across CoSD’s four business groups: by business capabilities, and by level of innovation. This helps the county’s CIO determine which groups might need more help filling the innovation idea pipeline or crafting proof of concept candidates. To date, CoSD has sponsored more than 20 proofs of concept to help accelerate innovation.