Supporting the CDC’s data-driven COVID-19 response

From providing guidance to limit the spread of novel coronavirus, to the daily tracking of cases across the country, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the primary source of virus data for the country. 

In partnership with the CDC, Perspecta developed the CDC COVID Data Tracker, a publicly available series of COVID-19 data dashboards, including dynamically updated maps, charts and tables. The website includes interactive visualizations of the COVID-19 outbreak at global and domestic scales, the development of the outbreak over time by state, aggregate characteristics of the COVID-19 patient population, trends in ER visits, the social impacts of the pandemic in the United States and more.

Our Perspecta CDC team also supports the COVID-19 internal dashboards that provide dynamic and interactive visualizations of epidemiologic data. The data is represented in varying time series to aid with situational awareness and decision-making in the CDC Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and for internal and external partners.

In addition to the Data Tracker and internal dashboards, Perspecta provides continuous support of ad-hoc mapping and analysis requests from the CDC EOC for one-off¬ maps or spatial analysis needed for coronavirus response. For example, the Perspecta team supplies ongoing evaluation of the impact of social distancing measures on near-real-time population movement in the United States. That data is used to identify areas with social gatherings and / or increased COVID-19 risk for targeted public health communication messaging via smart phone media channels.