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Logo guidelines

The primary Perspecta logo is kept in a horizontal orientation, and will be used for most applications.

Maintain an adequate amount of clear space around the logo (i.e., free from type and other graphic elements). This allows the logo to live prominently in all applications. The minimum clear space for the Perspecta logo is one-half of the symbol height (on all sides). 

Background placement

The simple design of our logo gives it strong legibility; however, it is important to always maintain strong contrast with the background. 
  • There are two main approaches for background placement: solid fields of color + photographic
  • Primary logo is preferred on light backgrounds for optimal visibility
  • 1-color black logo on light color-fields (green, yellow, other palette colors)
  • 1-color white logo on dark color-fields (blue, other palette colors)
  • Logos can be used on photography; the primary logo is preferred
  • 1-color logos (black and white) can be used as long as the background does not compromise legibility



Things to avoid

The examples on this page illustrate some, but not all, potential misuses of the logo. These rules apply to all versions of the logo. Keep in mind that the logo is carefully rendered artwork, and any alteration of the logo, apart from proportional scaling, is considered misuse. Note: The interior-portion of the symbol where the slash overlaps the circle should always be transparent; do not alter the provided assets.



Download the Perspecta logo

Our logo is available for download in a variety of formats. Please note that the RGB suite is for digital use and the CMYK suite is for print use. Choose the appropriate zip file for your purpose.

 Download RGB logo suite (ZIP) 

Download CMYK logo suite (ZIP)