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At Perspecta, we know that protecting the nation means that operations across all domains—land, sea, air, space and cyber—must be relentless and precise. We also understand the need to be mindful of budget pressure and deliver results efficiently.

As a trusted partner to the Department of Defense (DOD), we are committed to delivering the best technology and services to meet the unique needs of defense operations. And we’ve been doing just that for the armed forces for more than four decades.

From modernizing the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network for the U.S. Air Force to enhancing the integrity of the personnel vetting and security system for DOD, and from managing the resources that support the U.S. Army Cyber Command to deploying the technology that enables the Naval Air Systems Command—everything we do supports one imperative: ensuring that our customers’ missions succeed. Because what matters to our nation is what matters to us.

0%A majority of defense group employees hold a security clearance

Perspecta’s uniquely skilled and talented defense group staff are entrusted by the U.S. government to support mission-critical, national security objectives.

0%Veteran workforce

Perspecta is proud to be an employer of choice for our veteran and military community. In fact, 19% of our staff are veterans or reservists and nearly a quarter of them support the defense group.

0States where Perspecta’s defense group employees are located

The needs of the DOD are vast. Our defense group’s nationwide presence allows us to support missions from any location.

0Agilists on staff in the defense group

Perspecta's agile methodology significantly increases the probability of the best end solution for the mission. We are proud to count 700 agilists across our staff, 49 of whom are dedicated to supporting the DOD.

Success story

Enabling the Army’s transition to the cloud

Using Perspecta’s application transformation to cloud process, the Army deployed its first fully operational Impact Level 4 application in a cloud environment.

Success story

Securing defense systems through the cloud

Leveraging our proprietary infrastructure as a service solution, we’ve delivered security and stability through the modernization of defense systems and migration to the cloud.