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Analytics and data services

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Analytics and data services

Turn your data into action

Through an innovative data-first approach, Perspecta delivers data-centric services to yield better decisions. From aggregating electronic health records to improving situational awareness on the battlefield, we integrate disparate data ecosystems and manage, secure and exploit data as an asset to support evidence-based decisions and enable mission success.

0Discover actionable insights

Enhance mission decision-making. Drive insights that will improve the quality of outcomes, reducing the time to get to decisions. We help customers gain access to their data by ensuring they have a well -managed and governed ecosystem of integrated information that delivers data into the hands of decision-makers in visually rich, intuitive designs.

0Harness the full power of data.

Improve operations and achieve peak performance. Data-informed operations make the supply chain more intelligent and enable predictive maintenance. We are experts at standardizing, integrating and automating our customers’ data across the enterprise to improve processes and reduce time to complete tasks by as much as 75%.

0Next-generation analytics and data management capabilities

Unlock new possibilities. We bring groundbreaking analytic innovation and thought leadership in augmented artificial intelligence and predictive analytics and drive advanced research in new machine learning paradigms.

Success story

Managing more than 62 billion claims records for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Perspecta manages the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Integrated Data Repository. The largest government data warehouse in the world—over 1.5 petabytes of a hybrid data ecosystem serving approximately 2,500 users.

Success story

Control and prevention to benefit public health

Combining geospatial science with IT expertise in data management, analytics, application development and project coordination to meet the geographic information system needs of the Geospatial Research, Analysis and Services Program.