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Consulting services

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Consulting services

Navigating evolving mission requirements, policy reform, emerging national threats and changing workforce demographics while also managing the pressure of shifting to an enterprise-wide digital strategy can be intimidating. That’s where a proven partner can help. Our core consulting services drive digital strategies, manage capability acquisition, establish new business models, create new customer experiences and optimize and automate processes that deliver the outcomes needed to transform operations.

Our services and methodologies are tailored to solve today’s complex mission problems and our industry-leading expertise coupled with the breadth of our unique intellectual property, provides the key capabilities to guide organizations from idea to implementation, providing technical blueprints, transformation strategies, and implementation road maps enabling each customer’s transformation journey.

0Identify inefficiencies

Utilizing multiple methodologies Perspecta assesses people, process and technology to identify inefficiencies and underutilized infrastructure to develop solutions that reduce costs while improving cycle times.

0Ensure transformation success

Aligning stakeholders across the organization on what is most important—the why, what and expected outcomes—is key to any successful transformation.

Success story

Enabling the Army’s transition to the cloud

Using Perspecta’s application transformation to cloud process, the Army deployed its first fully operational Impact Level 4 application in a cloud environment.