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Enterprise managed services

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Enterprise managed services

Flexible, scalable, performance-based managed service options

Existing IT infrastructure places a large burden on personnel and reduces the overall flexibility of government operations. That’s why the shift to “as a service” delivery and operations models is more critical than ever. This shift is being further accelerated by the migration from agency-owned, in-house data centers to cloud-based services.

Perspecta enterprise managed services help advance our customers’ core mission objectives through reduced costs, increased support levels and improved IT performance. Our innovative solutions feature adaptable service frameworks that can be customized for scale along with tools and best practices derived from federal and commercial industry, and road maps focused on incremental adoption as customer missions, budgets and requirements evolve.

As a trailblazer in enterprise-level digital transformation, we address this shift with adaptable service frameworks that can be customized for scale. 

0Flexible pricing models

Our customers can buy scalable, performance-based services—they’re not locked into a fixed cost structure over the course of the contract.

0Delivering results that matter through support and collaboration

We’ve overcome challenges in just about every environment and know the end user, workflows and what is needed to drive productivity anywhere, anytime and on any device. Using our collective experience, integrations, partnerships and knowhow, we create secure, productive workplace solutions.

0Virtual Trusted Internet Connection (vTIC)

Our vTIC virtual stack, managed by Perspecta Horizon® managed services and hosted in a FedRAMP-authorized infrastructure as a service cloud, provides packet inspection, content filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, as well as proxy services.

Success story

Federal Health Agency modernizes IT Service delivery with Managed Network Services

Perspecta successfully designed, built and managed the cloud integration solution for full management of end-to end enterprise networking and extending services to customer sites. Our as a service solution included a robust disaster recovery architecture, engineering and management support of the data center as well as end user nodes.

Success story

Cybersecurity as a service

Perspecta delivers a managed service solution via an acquisition framework that provides “as a service” unit-based services that give a key national security customer the flexibility to scale up or down quickly while maintaining performance oversight. This customer can now buy scalable services without being locked into a fixed cost structure over the course of the contract.

Success story

Federal agency successfully completes Microsoft 365 migration

We successfully moved a federal agency’s email users and 27,000 user mailboxes to Microsoft 365, transforming their email and associated archives from an on-premise email as a service solution to the cloud.

Success story

Managing the largest intranet in the world

Through the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract, Perspecta provides comprehensive IT services to the United States Navy and staffing support to the Marine Corps. A first-of-its-kind enterprise IT platform, the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) has matured into a stable, flexible, cost-effective and secure IT platform for more than 700,000 sailors and civilians in the continental United States, Hawaii and Japan.