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Integrated solutions

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Integrated solutions 

Perspecta enables the rapid integration of technology to transform operations, secure infrastructure and implement new ways of doing business. Our collection of industry-specific, go-to-market solutions are readily available to deploy into your environment.  

0 Industrial control system integrity and situational awareness

Innovative technologies to assess the cyber trustworthiness of real-time supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) assets, providing concrete and daily evidence about control system integrity.

0Cyber and reliability risk reduction for industrial control systems

Analysis of real-time asset cyber emissions for behavioral changes, firmware binary integrity, engineering reasonableness and validation of running settings, and protocol and traffic analysis for integrated defensive cyber operations.

0Smarter solutions for a smarter grid

Real-time network health and service assurance monitoring, anomaly detection with deep packet inspection and stateful model-based checkers, ground-truth network visibility into wireless advanced metering and distribution automation infrastructure to protect and help maximize the value of smart grid investments.

0Reduce cybersecurity risk

SecureSmart™ is a Cyber Catalyst-designated risk management solution recognized by the eight largest providers of cybersecurity insurance.

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Success story

FlightAnalyst enables cost savings

Aircrews were recording significantly more flight time than they were flying which led to earlier performance of maintenance and increased maintenance costs. Perspecta modified FlightAnalyst™ from our SimAuthor product line to capture aircraft time from the flight data to create a new tool that captures and compares logged flight time.